This will be a day to remember

22 December 2012

Behold the birth
of a new dream
filling you up
with many colors
watch to see
what is coming

Many pure hearts
will be singing
the sweet songs
of alien angels
far beyond
earthly sounds

Watch the dream
enter your mind
flooding thoughts
with pure beauty
revealing mystery

Let 222 be
remembered today
and forever
where souls go
to reveal what
is yet unknown

Life is an
invisible number
sustained by
supernatural love
within the
sanctity of truth

Time is the
essence of change
seeking refinement
of spirits along
infinity like a circle

Fly higher now
through eternity
your desire
being the reason
to move faster
than white light

Let memories
fade to black
when the dream
shines tonight
to create a place
far out of sight

Save Your Family. Save Your Country. Save Your Planet.