Introduction: People of Planet Earth are in need of a new way of gaining knowledge and skills to enable realistic survival. It was my sincere intention during past "political" involvements to interject a few ideas into the consciousness of leaders, but the media had no interest or time to consider my input. Therefore, for the sake of outlining a few concepts for friends with open minds, let's think about replacing existing institutions designed to educate. Instead of using the word "education" or continuing to modify "public schools," "universities" and all other entities created for similar purposes, let's start focusing on how best to use superior personnel, equipment and methods to advantage students within a universal "Mind Formation System."

Every aspect of human existence must become a component of this experiment we intend to contemplate at this time. Nothing should be eliminated from our considerations as we embark on this journey to new awareness. We will gladly embrace every element presently identified, and we intend to eagerly wonder about dreams, superstitions, theories, hypothetical possibilities, visionary imaginations - whether it be scientifically provable or simply "thoughts" coming out of spiritual dimensions.

To begin this journey to places beyond history, far beyond any form of contemporary reasoning, let's proceed while believing that the words "mind" and "soul" are synonymous terms used to explain the same reality. Also, let's agree that "psychological" and "spiritual" are two words we can use to describe intangible forces that impact human thoughts, motivations, actions and interactions. Once we have a clear image of ourselves as a living soul in the form of a human body, the basis for reasoning every part of the Mind Formation System will make more sense.

When we realize that billions of people in all nations are in need of comprehensive, methodical, relevant, consistent, repetitive and expanding curriculum with retention potential assured for dedicated students, we begin to realize the complexity of this challenge. We can no longer yearn to return to one-room classes in small towns or hope to modernize existing institutions if we expect to keep pace with our need to prepare for the future. It is not wise to believe we must resign ourselves to limitations or become slaves to our own ignorance.

INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH for the purpose of gathering data will be a constant function.

The equality of individuals must always be preserved so as not to give special attention to a privileged few. Whatever has been culturally or historically valued should be respected within the context of factual, common sense perspectives.

ORGANIZATION & PRESERVATION OF INFORMATION will necessitate filtering processes to eliminate corrupted data.

We must emphasize positive biological growth before we can hope for positive psychological development. We should never give credence to negative forces which promulgate deception, degeneration, disease, despair - or anything else that is capable of causing degradation of humankind.

IMPARTATION OF DESIGNED STIMULI will be performed for the purpose of preparing students for the task of conceiving and creating personal lifestyles.

We need to recognize the importance of a birth-to-death process which must be made available without restrictions to everyone who is physically and mentally healthy. There should never be artificial obstacles allowed to impede citizens of this planet who desire participation within the Mind Formation System.

Obviously, this "seed" I am planting in fertile minds at this time must be allowed to grow until the fruit of a tree can be enjoyed by all who hunger for Truth, Love and Beauty. We understand it is never easy to overcome human nature or to expect people to consider new ideas. Had I been successful when presenting this concept years ago, we would have witnessed the rise of new structures in Nashville, Tennessee.

A MIND FORMATION SYSTEM PROTOTYPE would now be functioning for the benefit of millions of students. Had certain politicians and business leaders been receptive to me, I would have dedicated all of my talent, time and energy to projects I believed were important. If I had been more aggressive, patient and persistent, maybe we would be experiencing refinement in every phase of experimentation until expansion of the system had become possible. Unfortunately, "people" are not always polite, friendly, moral, ethical or intellectually capable when "strangers" like me cross their path.

The idea was to start in Nashville, eventually encompass all of Tennessee, move into other states throughout the nation - and then take the system worldwide. (My "MCUSA Entertainment & Broadcast Center" and the "MCUSA Circle of Lights" ideas were a part of the overall concept. If there is any meaningful interest shown in this outline, I will try to elaborate more on why communications based on universal "God-inspired" principles are essential to peace and prosperity).

If we honestly desire to successfully indoctrinate ourselves and each other, we would need to channel sufficient resources in a way that assures prioritized attention. The health and welfare of "we the people" should never be sacrificed to enable idiots to steal, kill or destroy. We should always highlight the benefits of creativity and productivity if we want our civilizations to remain happy places where the art of procreation is valued.

Our compassion for "the least of these" needs to be manifested by making sure that modest, comfortable lifestyles are possible to enable survival in dignity. Certain basic "things" should be available to everyone - regardless of personal impediments!

Our purposes as members of the human family should never be given over to inferior motivations which divide communities or deprive those few who are too different to be tolerated!

Rather than wasting resources by constructing monuments to the vanity of egomaniacs, it would be better to utilize wealth to treat every student like a king or queen. We could provide unlimited access, luxurious facilities, hi-tech tools, curriculum uniformity, superior procedures, goal-orientated objectives, opportunities to engage in repetitive indoctrination to enhance retention and do our best to "test" in a way that assures attainment of success.

TRANSFORMATION OF SOCIETY for the sake of compatible interactions with Mind Formation System participants must be a vital part of our endeavors.

We need to implement my "7/70 Plan" to allow for a transition out of the past as we move into the future. Preparing ourselves to function in various environments - internationally - can only be done if we have opportunities to fulfil individual desires. This part of a very complex concept would dramatically alter how we perceive the cultural aspects of our societies. Resources would be used to enrich the lives of "kings and queens" from birth to age eight - and then, again, from age seventy to death. All others between ages eight to seventy would be classified as "student providers." This large group would remember the joy and privileges of their first seven years and would then have the incentive to expect more of the same in later life. There would need to be a balanced blend of desires and opportunities within the limitations of existing resources for this plan to succeed.

As most of us can conclude from past experiences, getting an "education" the old fashioned way does not guarantee a good job - which indicates that "society" has not been keeping pace within the idea of "supply and demand." Making preparations to establish a home and family requires more than misguided dreams or wishful thinking outside of practicality.

Brain surgeons with no brains to operate on and rocket scientists with no fuel to use are totally useless!

Therefore, though it would take several books to give a detailed explanation of the Mind Formation System - along with all of the other related concepts - all we can do now is try to survive in our own stupid way. If I've been wrong about this being "the last generation," and if you believe there will be eternal life on Planet Earth for people who are not allowed to exist without knowledge, take my advice and use it with my blessing!

All I'm thinking about these days are ideas that only fools like me understand. When giving my last slice of bread to a hungry neighbor becomes necessary, I'll be prepared to do it - even if death is my only reward.

Meanwhile, let's all try to maintain a sane "state-of-mind" when everyone around us seems to be going crazy!

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