A Reality Check for Christians

This world and most of the people in it are not true Christians in my opinion. I could give hundreds of examples to explain why I have doubts about the “sincerity” of those who are professing to follow the Master, but God is the Judge – not me.

Satan and his demons have succeeded in corrupting souls in a way that makes “people” almost totally dependent upon the evil systems under girding civilizations – including America. When voters go to vote in November, they do not realize how stupid it is to elect someone “President” – grand ruler – over what has become a spiritual cesspool filled with wickedness. Idiots expect God to “bless” America when Americans have refused to repent of sin – not knowing that the only escape out of future chaos is now Amerijericho. When so-called “Christians,” and rebellious souls of other classifications refuse the opportunity to choose “community unity” for the “Body of Christ,” they are basically rejecting the “Kingdom of God.”

Just as Satan uses “fear” to motivate financial support for a vast array of insurance companies that are designed to assist during times of trouble, politicians are using fear to motivate support for their candidacy.

Voters are convinced that destruction and death caused by “terrorists” can be avoided if a strong leader with military experience is willing to kill them before they kill us. Fighting wars to defend America from aggressors takes more personnel and equipment than we can presently afford as a nation. Is it the “land”... “economy”... “culture”... “religious freedom”... “hope for a meaningful future”... “unborn babies”... “opportunity for a college education”... “pride in our heritage”... “liberty”... or the “preservation of human life” that we fight and die for? The mentally guiding actions of most political leaders is like having "national defense capabilities" to preserve and protect Hell! 

Voters with idealistic notions believe that sweet-talking enemies is what a “President” must do to keep us “safe” from harm. The old “carrot and stick” diplomacy trick is for gullible liberals who care more about whales than human fetuses.

Voters have been deceived into believing that higher taxes on the rich will help the poor. That would be like chopping off the limbs of apple trees so the hungry would have more to eat. It’s nice to be compassionate and generous with the resources of others, but true “charity” should come out of our own pockets.

Voters would rather spend a fortune on health care than use faith to ask God for a healing – or simply die and go to Heaven where they can live in peace and prosperity forever.

Voters have been indoctrinated by distorted versions of issues related to the desires and needs of American families. Without jobs that pay the bills, families cannot survive – no matter who is elected to become the next public servant!  

Well, there are greater problems for potential American leaders to overcome than a lack of experience, race, color, creed, gender or age; a lack of knowledge, wisdom and a rational perspective on reality among a majority of voters does not equate to making smart choices at the polls. In a nation where the “majority” has been transformed into degenerates without morality based on Christian values, the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court – not to mention Wall Street – will be among the first institutions that evil souls will eagerly control.

So, being only one of a few voices crying in the wilderness, I’d like to say that the current “status quo” throughout this nation filled with contradictions, misplaced priorities, selfish purposes and contempt for those who serve Lord Jesus Christ, the media is a constant reminder of everything that is wrong in this world. We are living in a snake pit that even God despises!

If you are an exception and feel like “positive thinking” or some kind of “tolerance” is a superior way to “intellectualize” how we need to be dealing with current circumstances, get in touch.



Save Your Family. Save Your Country. Save Your Planet.

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